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Welcome to my Blog!

I'm a simple person who loves photographing people and spending time with my husband and two little girls, Ellie (4) and Emmeline (1). My girls are my world and every day I wonder how I became so blessed to be their Mama.

When I'm not behind the camera I love to knit and sew cute things for my girls and bake cookies. My husband likes to say I'm a granny at heart, but I like to say I'm a woman of many talents. ;)

I also enjoy snowboarding, traveling and immersing myself in books. One day I will conquer Cornice and get down without snowplowing my way. I dream of traveling to Greece, Italy and Paris one day, but I have yet to convince the husband that traveling abroad with two little ones would be aweome. I'd also love to go camping and show my girls the joys of a perfectly toasted marshmallow and walking barefoot through an icy cold creek bed. And although I said it would never happen, I now read most of my books on my iPhone or iPad instead of a book. Have kids and you'll soon realize the gift of a built in light and always having your book with you.

I'm based in Orange County, California and ocassionally travel for shoots.

Blush Boudoir : Los Angeles : Mrs. Envy

Every now and again you come across that girl. The one with the amazing eyes and the smile that lights up a room. Every time I had her look at me and smile, I felt a twinge of envy and thought to myself that her husband was a very lucky man. There’s a playful light in her eyes and yet her lips betray a bit of sass that I love.  Mrs. Envy surprised her husband with her boudoir album recently and she wrote back to tell me  he loved them.

But most importantly, she loved them.

I’m posting these with Mrs. Envy’s permission of course.

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